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Naturally Conscious Makeup & Skincare For All

Many people often come to Omiana for natural and organic makeup and skincare products their sensitive skin can tolerate after nearly giving up on makeup. Here at Omiana, our mission is omission - meaning Omiana omits harmful additives or ingredients typically found in most makeup. 

The company's name is a blend of "Omission" and the woman's name "Ana" which means grace. Omi(mission)ana graceful omits harsh ingredients consumers are looking to avoid. Our full line of makeup and skincare products offers a variety of ingredient options, so you can choose the best product for you skin and needs. For example, if makeup without mica is preferred, Omiana has options available for you. We also offer makeup without titanium dioxide, although because some do want titanium dioxide for SPF and coverage, other options are available that do contain titanium dioxide. Every formula cannot be for everyone, as much subjectivity and varying preferences come into play.